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Our Services

Customer service

  • Answer all inquiries from the employer, the employees and the plan administrator
  • Help with the plan’s management
  • Provide tools to calculate the correct withdrawal for each employee according to the established agreements
  • Assist with the follow up of various requests with the insurer
  • Ensure that the insurer is acting in your and your employees’ best interest by questioning their decisions and answers
  • Provide advice to the plan administrator regarding administrative procedures for suspensions, unpaid leaves, disabilities and maternity leaves and making sure that these meet legal legislations
  • Support the human resources (HR) in the managing of disability claims with government bodies such as Workers’ Compensation & SAAQ by ensuring that the procedures respect the group coverage

Provide a toll-free telephone number for questions regarding customer service, administration and all types of claims.

Strategy and communication

  • Assist with employee communications
  • Support in showing the value of the plan to the employees
  • Meet on a quarterly basis to review the financial aspects of the plan (for larger cases)
  • Allow the client to be in control of exceptional cases throughout the year instead of reacting at renewal
  • Support in finding solutions when a exceptional situation arises
  • Submit the renewal conditions following the negotiations with the insurer
  • Establish solutions for a more efficient control of the costs on both a short and long term basis
  • If needed, suggest options adapted to the strategies put in place by HR

Financial aspects

  • Prepare a detailed report of interventions, negotiations and analysis
  • Negotiate with the current insurer
  • Involve the employer in the case to ensure better control and to take control back, if needed
  • Support with the administration of employee - employer deductions

Marketing and implementation

  • Proceed the design of the «request for proposal»
  • Assure a quality control of the proposals received by the insurers
  • Provide advice regarding the pricing distribution (insured and non insured guarantees)

In the event of a change in insurer

  • Approve the contractual documentation and the employee booklets
  • Facilitate the meetings with the insurer, if needed (training on online management tools and meeting with the contacts from the insurer)
  • Present the plan to the employees

GASQ will intervene whenever possible to satisfy the employer and their employees.